About Us

The Podcast

We talk about all sorts of things from the perspective of conservation professionals, from museum trends and new technology to the big issues like pay and staying safe at work. Feel free to listen even if you’re not a conservator though – we welcome people from all sorts of backgrounds!

Why The C Word? In some museums conservation can be a bit of a naughty word but we think it ought to be celebrated. In our working lives we’re surrounded by c-words: conserving, curating, collecting, caring, consolidating, curing, creating, condition checking, and of course: conservators.

The Hosts

Kloe Rumsey

Kloe graduated from Cardiff University in 2013 is slowly making a career as an “emerging professional”. She loves organics, and the use of humidity as a force for good. Her favourite adhesive is Klucel G and she is probably the only Belly Dancing Conservator in the country.

Jenny Mathiasson

Swedish born conservator with an affinity for ethnography, archaeology, and No. 15 scalpel blades. Doubles and triples as illustrator, crafter and writer by day and Mary Poppins by night.

Christina Rozeik

Christina has worked on everything from animal mummies to Wimshurst machines, and skis to Greek vases since graduating from UCL in 2005. She has a day job in communications … and another day job as a conservator, tutor, and editor. She is currently obsessed by cyclododecane, soft mounts, and conservators in fiction.

Additional Hosts

We welcome guest hosts and interviewees — get in touch if you’d like to be on the show.

The Disclaimer

We try not to upset our employers so we do our best not to involve them in the podcast. While we talk about our personal experiences a lot we do not name specific organisations, people, or events unless it’s directly relevant (such as a news story, review, or resource/reference material). Views expressed are our own and not those of our employers (past, present, or future). This disclaimer also applies to our interviewees. Have a cup of tea and enjoy the show.