FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a podcast?
Something like a pre-recorded radio show distributed through the internet. Traditionally distributed in some way that makes subscribing easy, rather than requiring the listener to seek out and download new episodes.

How do I listen?
We encourage listeners to subscribe in a podcast app of some kind as that way new episodes will get delivered as soon as they’re published. You can listen to episodes directly on our site if you prefer though!

In terms of which podcast app to use that’s an ever-shifting landscape. Any app should work. There’s buttons in the sidebar for popular services like Spotify and Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes). If there’s a service we’re not on then get in touch and we’ll sort it out!

Are transcripts of your shows available?
Yes! A wonderful team of volunteers have been working to create written versions of all our shows. They’re not all 100% finished yet but there’s a list here where you can find the ones that are currently uploaded.

Who does your art?
All our art is drawn by Jenny and then digitised and coloured by Fox.

How can I support the show?
The biggest thing is sharing the show with people you think might be interested. Engaging with us on social media is handy too (we often ask the community about various topics). If you’re feeling a bit more advanced you could join us on the show for an episode or join the transcribing team.

If you meant more in the sense of helping us pay the bills – that’d be amazing! We’re on Patreon but if you’d prefer something like PayPal then the show’s on that too. If there’s another platform you prefer get in touch and we’ll see about setting something up.

Can I be on your show?
You could be! We plan our schedule quite far in advance but get in touch and we’ll see what we can arrange.

Can you be on our show?
Maybe! Scheduling it might be difficult but get in touch and we’ll see if we can sort out a time that works.

Can you do a live show at our conference/masonic lodge/village fête?
With enough notice, quite possibly. It depends on the specifics and there will be costs involved. Get in touch and we’ll see what we can figure out.

I’ve got something I’d like you to review. Is that possible?
Sure thing. Send us an email and we can usually work something out. It does need to be relevant to what we do, of course!

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