S03E02: Professional Bodies

Today we’re talking about professional bodies: what are they, what do they provide their members with, and what do we think of them? We discuss answers given to us by nine professional bodies from all over the world and have a think about our own experiences. Also tune in for a book review of ‘Authenticity in Transition: Changing Practices in Contemporary Art Making and Conservation.’

00:57 News in brief
02:36 So what’s a professional body?
06:16 The Price is Right – fees and charges
13:35 What do these bodies provide their members with?
24:17 Aims of our professional organisations
29:46 How could these organisations improve?
39:08 What about the non-members?
39:58 What makes your organisation special? What’s your USP?
42:34 Our experiences with membership of professional bodies
48:10 Review: Authenticity in Transition

Show Notes:
– Video game review of The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYWUa7kFh4A
– Definition of a professional body: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professional_association
– Authenticity in Transition: https://www.archetype.co.uk/publication-details.php?id=229 or https://amzn.to/2IlicP9

Professional bodies we talked to:
– ICON: https://icon.org.uk/
– AIC: http://www.conservation-us.org/
– ICRI: https://www.icriconservation.ie/
– NatSCA: https://www.natsca.org/
– NZCCM: http://www.nzccm.org.nz/
– Museums Association: https://www.museumsassociation.org/home
– NKF-S: http://www.nkf-s.se/
– CACP: http://capc-acrp.ca
– ICOM-CC: http://www.icom-cc.org/

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Hosted by Jenny Mathiasson and Kloe Rumsey.

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