S11E08: Manx Road Trip Special

Come along on a roadtrip to the Isle of Man with Jenny and Kloe! We take the ferry across the water, stay in an eco-friendly yurt village, and tour the island’s heritage sites: we go behind the scenes with the Manx National Heritage conservators and enjoy the local sites. Special thanks to Chris Weeks and Emma Le Cornu for inviting us over! (Varied audio quality ahead, folks.)

00:00:55 Exploring the ferry and eating waffles on deck
00:02:13 Arriving in the eco village
00:04:50 Breakfast time!
00:05:31 Manx Museum
00:14:52 They found us!
00:23:30 Climate change
00:24:57 Sites to see on the island
00:29:24 Back in the conservation studio
00:48:26 Meeting Peggy
01:00:15 Snooping around the museum store
01:05:35 Exploring the archival side
01:14:00 Jenny spots a mysterious box
01:17:25 Peeking in the textiles store
01:18:57 Castletown in the rain
01:21:15 Cregneash village
01:25:00 Day out in Peel with Emma
01:29:27 Summing up our Saturday by the fire
01:30:35 Checking out
01:32:13 Laxey, big wheels and going under ground
01:39:47 Grove Museum of Victorian Life
01:50:38 Afternoon tea in Bride and a failed beach visit
01:53:39 Milntown Estate and Gardens
02:02:13 Back to the ferry

Show Notes:
– The ferry: https://www.steam-packet.com/ourvessels/ben-my-chree
– Where Jenny and Kloe stayed: https://www.sabasglenyurt.com/
– Manx Museum: https://manxnationalheritage.im/our-sites/manx-museum/
– Speed and Light exhibition: https://manxnationalheritage.im/whats-on/detail/speed-and-light-a-painted-journey-around-the-world-famous-isle-of-man-tt-course/
– Conservation of the giant deer skeleton: https://manxnationalheritage.im/collections/conservation/conservation-of-the-giant-deer-skeleton/
– Illiam Dhone: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illiam_Dhone
– Manx cat breed: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manx_cat
– Manx National Heritage: https://manxnationalheritage.im/
– Culture Vannin: https://culturevannin.im/
– Learn Manx Gaelic: https://www.learnmanx.com/
– Isle of Man TT: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isle_of_Man_TT
– Conservation of the Laxey Wheel: https://manxnationalheritage.im/news-2-2
– The world’s largest slug: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-14617478
– Wild wallabies: https://www.itv.com/news/granada/2021-10-13/the-mystery-of-the-wild-wallabies-living-on-the-isle-of-man
– IMuseum: https://www.imuseum.im/
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– Inergen fire suppression system: https://www.firesuppression.co.uk/inergen.aspx
– Thermoskyships: https://www.airshipsonline.com/sheds/Jurby.htm
– The Parish Walk: https://www.parishwalk.com/
– Nautical Museum: https://manxnationalheritage.im/our-sites/nautical-museum/
– Cregneash: https://manxnationalheritage.im/our-sites/cregneash/
– Peel castle: https://manxnationalheritage.im/our-sites/peel-castle/
– Viking longboat races: https://www.visitiom.co.uk/events/world-championships/world-championship-viking-longboat-races/
– House of Manannan: https://manxnationalheritage.im/our-sites/house-of-manannan/
– Traders of the Lost Arts exhibition: https://manxnationalheritage.im/whats-on/detail/traders-of-the-lost-arts-an-exhibition/
– Davison’s ice cream: https://davisons.co.im/
– Trams: https://manxelectricrailway.co.uk/current-timetable/
– Laxey Wheel: https://manxnationalheritage.im/our-sites/laxey-wheel/
– Grove Museum of Victorian Life: https://manxnationalheritage.im/our-sites/grove-museum-of-victorian-life/
– Bride Tea Rooms and Bistro: https://bridetearooms.weebly.com/
– Point of Are: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Point_of_Ayre
– Milntown: https://www.milntown.org/

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Hosted by Jenny Mathiasson and Kloe Rumsey.

Intro and outro music by DDmyzik, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license.

A Wooden Dice production, 2022.

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