S12E06: Time Management

Join us for another tranquil boat episode with conservator Pierrette Squires as we talk about time management. How do you estimate how long a treatment will take? How do you handle project slip, unexpected overtime, and an overflowing inbox? How do you structure the day when you’re self-employed? Also tune in for a Dear Jane about stakeholders and furry friends.

00:02:51 Kloe’s experience and approach
00:08:42 Building the skill of estimates
00:11:46 Jenny’s struggles
00:16:21 The Out of Office message and emails
00:24:52 Pierrette’s approach as a manager
00:30:36 Lists and calendars
00:44:35 Working with others (slight interference here)
00:47:50 Exceptional circumstances
00:53:11 Suddenly priority
00:59:04 Advice for beginners
01:00:45 Dear Jane
01:03:49 Comments, questions, and corrections

Show Notes:
– S12E05 Disability in Conservation: https://thecword.show/2022/11/09/s12e05-disability-in-conservation/
– Toggl: https://toggl.com/
– Adam Savage on check boxes and lists: https://www.wired.com/story/adam-savage-lists-more-lists-power-checkboxes/
– Example of a circular wall planner: https://www.theroundmethod.com/products/circular-calendar-digital-download-pdf
– Visit our shop: https://www.thecword.show/shop

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Hosted by Jenny Mathiasson, Kloe Rumsey, and Pierrette Squires.

Intro and outro music by DDmyzik, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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A Wooden Dice production, 2022.

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